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Home produced video filmed locally and edited in our suite

Making movies isn't as difficult as it may seem. In this day and age the tech required to produce high quality productions in readily available; indeed most smart phones, especially the IPHONE13 range, has the ability to produce some spectacular footage using the cinematic feature.

dh9digital as a wide range of equipment that can be used to product video content for YouTube, home or commercial use or even professional use.

We have radio mics, green screen tech, autocue , lighting and a whole bunch of ideas just waiting to be filmed.

That's where you can help!

We are looking to start a FILM CLUB where those who fancy a dabble at movie making can come to meet like minded people and get together to make some stunning and entertaining content.

We are looking for volunteer ACTORS, EXTRA'S, SOUND TECH, CAMERAPERSON, COSTUME, SET DESIGN and everything in between so if you want to get involved from the very start of this exciting new concept please send us an email telling us what you can do, offer or help with.  Who know's you might be involved in the very next best thing.

Take a look at our production above, filmed locally and edited in our studios

Home produced video filmed locally and edited in our suite using green screen

Being confident enough to produce content is something that we can help you with. 

Here we see my very own alter ego RADGIE GADGIE a fictitious character from the west end of Newcastle with a story to tell.

This film was filmed using standard lighting, an IPHONE13 with green screen behind.

The edit was done using standard off the shelf editing packages, the image behind was imposed using this package and green screen filtering.

Now, that might all sound complicated but believe me its not!



No experience necessary 

Film Student

Behind the camera

Get Creative


Sound & Vission

Get editing with us


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